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Yoga for Restricting Entry of Diseases In Human Body

The compulsive conditions of present crisis can be reversed simply by accepting it as a challenge, to be won over thus emerging as a winner at the end. During this Lock- Down we have ample of time to utilize for inculcating   and  implementing certain positive and progressive activities which were not in our priority until now. Yes, using Yoga and its unique techniques for “not falling sick” during ongoing tug of war with CORONA. If you fall sick, your chances of winning are adversely affected.

Now, let us understand ,  how the diseases enter our body and how we can restrict and restrain their entries. There are following three ENTRIES , through which disease enters human body….

  1. BREATH ( inhalation & exhalation happen effortlessly)
  1. FOOD    (instinctive consumption of eatables)
  1. THOUGHT (perceptions of five sensory organs develop human soft- ware which reins all our actions and performances)



An individual with normal health breathes for 21,600 times each day ( 24 hrs.) , this in turn determines the frequency of heart beats and various other functions of the body.  The breath was set when we were born and it follows till we live here. The breath happens to each of us effortlessly, it becomes Pranayama when we start doing it effort- fully. Effort involves your Body, Mind and Intellect.  A definite resolution directs and focuses on entire process so that it ensures the supply of various elements of the cosmos to the individual body, which is a mini – cosmos. Our cosmos is perfect and has self sustaining systems, when a communion is established between the cosmos and the mini- cosmos through the Pranayama,  the mini cosmos too acquires the same qualities and self sustaining capacities, in varying degrees proportionate to our efforts. A perfect health can thus be achieved and entry of diseases is restrained.

Pranayama +  Mudra

The pranayama is so popular and common these days that it needs no further elaborations about its results and positive effects on health.  What is additionally required to be elaborated is the T & C, due to which this will really yield the proclaimed results otherwise it is merely self deceiving ritual. These pre – requisites are as follows…

  1. You must master at least one sitting posture such as Padmasana, Siddhasana, Swastik Asana or Sukhasana where you are comfortable for 30 minutes or more duration.
  2. If you are doing the pranayama for less than ten minutes you are not respecting this science, must do it for at least ten plus minutes.
  3. Spine must be erect, body still, eyes closed, mind calm and attention focused on the breath with an auto-suggestion to be with the process.
  4. The sound of inhalation & exhalation must not be easily audible to your own ears, in general.
  5. Place of the practice must be free from mosquitoes & insects etc.
  6. Rubber Yoga mats must be replaced with woolen blankets specially hand woven ones to be preferred.
  7. practice of Pranayama must finish with sun rise in morning and the evening practice should begin after sunset.
  8. Keep vigil on the effects of your practice of Pranayamas on your body & personality continuously.
  9. Never practice in an air conditioned room instead select a well ventilated place with conducive surrounding.
  10. Moderations in food intake must be adopted and you must go for vegetarian diet. Non- vegetarians will never succeed in the venture of real Yoga, however they may derive some physical benefits only.
  11. You must try to find an experienced guide to supervise your practice regularly. If he helps you without any selfish motive he will become the Guru.
  12. Pranayama should not be a blind routine through out the year, it must be adjusted according to season, time, place and your own conditions etc. Always follow your guide/ Guru, for all this.


Mudras are the gestures made with various parts of the body while practicing pranayamas, so as to enhance the effects of the pranayama. Most commonly the Mudras are performed with the fingers of both hands which represent five elements of creation …..

* Thumb for FIRE,

* Index Finger for AIR,

* Middle Finger for ETHER or SPACE,

* Ring Finger for EARTH

* Little Finger for WATER.

There are other Mudras made with other parts of the body such as Head, Anus, Genitals and so on. But here we need to know only Hand Mudras which shall be used while attempting Pranayamas.


  • Anulom- Vilom
  • Agni – Prasaran
  • Deergh Shwah- Prashwas

These are practiced as per need so as to ensure that your nostrils are clear and there is no blockages to carry out the main pranayamas. For every individual the selection of pranayamas  depends upon the nature and constitution of his or her individual body, season & climate around etc.

Following two pranayamas  can be safely practiced by everyone. But the pranayamas must not be a blind routine throughout the year. A set of pranayamas should be practiced for two months keeping vigil on its effects. It must be reviewed for next two months and procced like that. Never practice pranayamas with extra enthu otherwise you are likely to suffer than to enjoy the outcome of the pranayamas.

  1. NAADEE SHODHAN PRANAYAM……. for 10+ minutes
  2. BHRAMAREE PRANAYAM……. for 15+ minutes

Whatever is being elaborated here must be practiced twice daily.

MOST IMPORTANT- Now as you are aware the breath is continuing effortlessly , you add effort to the process it becomes pranayam. So the practice of pranayam must convert and converge into a habit so that your natural and usual breath pattern becomes thorough and deep. For this to happen,  you must always be aware of your breathing and the resolution of making your breath a pranayama.



The knowledge of Vedas is presented in the texts called UPNISHADAS where it can be understood by ordinary people.  One such Upnishada is MAHAARNYOPNISHAD. Here the importance of food is very distinctly elaborated. The verse 79-15 describes food ( anna)as the primary requisite for all of us without which we can not develop the anatomical body ( Annamaya Kosha)  to the spiritual level.

The body requires food that contains right balance of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and mineral salts. Water is also needed to help digestion and assimilation.

Food should be wholesome , palatable and congenial to our body. We must not eat foods merely to gratify our senses. The food has been categorized as follows..

  1. SATVIC FOOD…. Promotes longevity, health and happiness.
  2. RAJASIC FOOD…Produces excitements.
  3. TAMSIC FOOD….. Creates diseases.

One has to select his food based upon his interests in life. Whereas it is true that the character of an individual is influenced  by the food, it is equally true that the eating habits of a aspirant change. Your temperament is greatly influenced by the food you take because the functioning of mind depends upon the kind of food taken. Thus a diet consisting of Sattvic food only will help the practitioner to maintain a clear and unwavering mind.

The physical body ( Annamaya Kosha) is a sheath which houses the self and the self is nothing but replica of Almighty. The dwelling unit must be fit and fine for Self to stay and thus we must keep it fit in order to carry our spiritual journey of realization of self the GOD within.

According to the CHHANDOGYOPNISHA (VI-7.2)  solid food, fluids and fats consumed by our body are split into 16 parts after consumption.

*FOOD has three divisions as follows

Grossest—–turns feces.( 10/16th)

Medium——becomes flesh.(5/16th)

Subtlest——- converts into mind.(1/16th)


*FLUIDS has three divisions as follows

Grossest……….turns urine (10/16th)

Medium………..becomes blood (5/16th)

Subtlest………….converts into energy (1/16th)


*FATS has three divisions as follows

Grossest………..turns bone (10/16th)

Medium…………becomes marrow (5/16th)

Subtlest………….converts to speech (1/16th)

This was experimented  as well by our sages. Svetketu lived without food for 15 days and lost his power of thinking, but regained as soon as he ate solid food again. His power of speech diminished when he went without fats. Such experimentations revealed that  the mind is the product of food, energy of fluids and speech of fats.


Everybody’s food must satisfy following three conditions…




Do not eat when saliva does not flow and this indicates that your body does not need food.

When one is really hungry food will be digested easily otherwise it will  just become a burden on your digestive system. Also real thirst chooses no other drink but water. Always restrain artificial hunger and thirst.

Do not eat when emotionally disturbed. While dining talk well and eat wisely. When noble frame of mind prevails while eating, even bad food becomes good for you.

The fire of digestion is lit by the energy that arises from the respiration. Moderate and nourishing food is essential to maintain vigour, strength and alertness. Avoid fasting.

According to the TAITTIRIYA UPNISHADA food is Brahman, it must be respected not to be derided or abused.

The practices for strengthening our digestive system and strict dietary control we recommend following so that the entry of diseases through food are avoided.


Of course a regime has to be sought for every individual according to his or her needs and the limitations. But this will  slowly but surely help you to transform into a healthy individual. Ordinarily no disease can dare enter your body.



Your mind is responsible for what you are , and also for the circumstances that you have drawn to yourself. You mind survives the physical death of the body and continues to exist and in time, projects and creates another body through the process of reincarnation. Your mind is not completely based upon your experiences of this life nor is it constrained merely by hereditary and environmental factors but it is based upon experiences and impressions of many past lives.

When you enter the realms of mind, you will be able to understand that you are not a personality of a few years, but you are an individualized continuity of existence, a spirit of everlasting years. It is because of the lack of knowledge of mind that you are not aware of your hidden potentialities and the manner of unfolding them.

When you analyse your mind through enquiry, concentrate its energies and practice meditation, you will be able to rise above the apparent causes of your miseries, and find the deeper roots. When you shed the light of reason on  the inner hidden recesses of your own mind , those roots of evil of misery will be destroyed at once. Man’s miseries are not founded on truth but on falsehood, and the moment the light of reason penetrates the inner regions of the mind the impressions of falsehood and of illusion are destroyed, thus restoring the man to his real HEALTH of BODY and MIND.

For being master of yourself you have to practice certain higher yogic practices . Once  you become the master of your thoughts the thoughts are no longer controlling your tastes and tendencies instead  your mind behaves as your slave and servant.

The following regime shall be very helpful if practiced with faith, devotion and perseverance.

  • Sahit kumbhak pranayama
  • Tratak
  • Ajapajap
  • Guided Meditation
  • Swadhyaya