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Yoga for Diabetes Prevention and Control

Diabetes is the fastest growing disease in the modern world. The most well understood reason for this menace is definitely our lifestyle. Obviously when it comes to lifestyle correction one has to look for someone beyond a medical practitioner. Ancient Indian Yogis and Sages won over every difficult circumstance in their life with a divine knowledge called ‘Yoga’.  Fortunately Indians preserved this knowledge till today and with a strong belief system and cultural strength the knowledge also got recognition from the modern world too. In fact it is one of the most flourishing, thriving and trusted system of life management known to mankind. This system when applied to fighting a disease like diabetes depicts its power in its totality. This course is an amalgamation of the power of Yoga along with more than 40 years of personal experience of authors of this course in applying this power actual patients. We are absolutely sure that people who follow a lifestyle based on yoga procedures can remain disease free for a very long period and even if the disease strikes them, an early resolution can be achieved.

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