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Paper at International Conference (8 Nov 2019)

(This paper was presented at an International Conference on Wellness at CSJM University, Kanpur on 8th Nov. 2019)



Dr. Harishankar Singh
Founder Head, Deptt. Of Education, BBA Central University, Lucknow (U.P.) India

Mr. Bheem Singh
Director, Shree Neelkantha Yoga Kendra, Lucknow (U. P.) India


In spite of tremendous growth in the field of modern medical sciences, the humanity is still suffering on account of stresses and strains of life. The very advent of man began with the suffocation and a stress at the time of birth which became the root cause of his existence. The stress becomes one’s lifetime companion and shall part only at the time of death of the body. The stress can never be abolished and eradicated from our lives, so only option we are left with, is its MANAGEMENT. This can be done through Yoga successfully.

 Stress Management through Yoga is based on following aspects…

* The causative factors of stresses in the life of modern man.

* Integral body systems of human beings.

* Physiology of stress, the ways human body responds when stressed.

* Every human being is unique on this planet. His problems are unique and thus it must have a unique solution too. Any standard solution may not apply to everyone and here a need arises where we must have a system and source from which anybody can find a solution to one’s unique problem. Such a source is the technology of Yoga.

* The remedial measures of Yoga – Therapy to curb the damages and the damaging dimensions of stress.


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