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Neeru Biswas, MS, Brown University, USA

More than twenty years ago, I was diagnosed with mild hypertension or slight high blood pressure. My doctor said that I should walk briskly regularly, as well as have the prescribed medicine. I have heard that mine is “essential hypertension”.


At that time, my late mother was learning Yoga from Shri Bheem Singh ji. So the next time I visited my parents, they organized a visit for me, to start my lessons with him. They said, “you will not meet another Yoga teacher who is also an Engineering graduate from Roorkee”. (Mr. Singh is a graduate from University of Roorkee, now IIT/Roorkee, and has retired from a career as an engineer).


I looked forward to learning the basics of Yoga from a fellow engineer. (I have a B.Tech from IIT/Kanpur, and a Master’s from Brown University, U.S.A., and have worked in industry, taught and consulted, and am now retired from professional activity).
Mr. Singh taught thoroughly and patiently, and gave me hand written instructions to follow, since I would not be able to visit him much, since I lived with my family in Noida.


I have not been able to practice everything he taught me regularly, but I know that the pranayam and asanaas as well as the Surya Naman has helped me in staying well and also in being able to undergo neurosurgery at age 68+.


As my mother aged, he taught her to do hasta mudras, as asanas became difficult to do. He has now suggested the same to me.


I encourage everyone who learns from him to appreciate what a good experience they have started, and to continue with his very dedicated and thoughtful lessons.


Neeru Biswas