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Role of yoga in the therapy of diseases

We must know that the root cause of most of the diseases are in human mind and its effects are felt through the body. The cause is continuously active and effective but due to our inbuilt oblivious attitudes and tendencies we are unable to recognize this. When its damaging effects reach an alarmingly high levels we only then start feeling it through sensory organs.
There are many physical and mental ailments among the people of modern age. The diseases are like nervous depression , cancer, heart diseases and so on have emerged with industrialization and other processes of so called developments. Mental unrest is still causing and inviting new health issues to our lives. How can we manage these mental problems arising in our routine life ? Karma Yoga is one way to solve this problem but only for the people who have inborn tendency to perform actions and have full faith in action. Intellect has vital role to play while deciding to select your path of life and every one is not having that sharp intellect to use . So in Yoga there are four different ways to proceed and these ways will be in accordance with your own built and the design or temperament. These four ways or the paths of yoga are…

* YOGA OF WISDOM………………..Gyan Yoga

* YOGA OF DEVOTION……………..Bhakti Yoga


* YOGA OF ACTION ……….. ………..Karma Yoga

There is an interrelation between Reason, Emotion , Will and Action.Thus even if you start with any one aspect or the path of Yoga as shown here, your journey ultimately converges into a wholesome process called YOGA. In the course of the practice of one path the other remaining three aspects of Yoga enjoin your process automatically to render your spiritual movement integral and perfect. When Reason is integrated, Will becomes powerful Emotional stability deepens and Action is more in harmony with one’s evolution.
Malfunctioning of the body is regulated through the practice of wholesome Yoga as above. For the people who are suffering physically, mentally and emotionally and are beyond the range of medical treatment Yoga has something more valuable to offer. This is a royal road leading to the palace of blissfulness. Lets walk on this royal road…….