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Super Technology of Motionlessness and Meditation

Nowadays people keep talking and telling about the Meditation as the potential source of stress buster and rejuvenating process. Let us discuss and know , how does it really happen. You are asked to first sit motionless for practicing Meditation. This motion of the body at various point and location is nothing but the manifestation of our own mental activities and its commands. To implement these commands 72000 nadies are contituously active by supplying energy to various and numerous parts of your body. Making your body still is not possible just in a few days it requires mastering the Asanas over moths and years. When you make the body still the Heart becomes normalized because the pressure has been released. The nervous system through IDA and PINGALA nadies , regulated with flow of breath in left and right nostrils respectively is harmonized. During the period of motionlessness the flow of bio- energy in numerous energy ducts of the body is not required for the functioning of the body parts.

During meditation mind is dropping and tranquility is coming the coronary behavior slackens, blood pressure is dropped nervous tension and impulses also decrease. This is good but care has to be taken that the blood pressure does not drop too much , which may otherwise lead to nervous depression. To prevent this you must master SIDDHA ASANA in which the perineum is pressed and the level of TESTOSTERONE hormone is so regulated that it controls the blood pressure and impulses of nervous system in turn.

Thus the importance of the practice of the ASANAS ( POSTURES) can not be just ignored. The meditation develops intuitive awareness which may replace the limited mind. The limited mind controlling the affairs of life lands mostly in torture, agony and sufferings and proves itself a failure. Therefore when mind is replaced by intuitive awareness it governs your life in a royal manner ensuring the enhanced and the best quality of life.