Shree Shakti Shantananda Maharshi


  • He came in touch with H H Jagadguru Swami Satyananda Saraswati about 30 years back and surrendered his life to his Guru . Guru transforms his disciple into a dexterous personality for carrying out the spiritual activities and the work of Almighty. This process of transformation is an arduous and a very tough ordeal of spiritual life and nine obstacles impede and hamper it. One who withstands all these obstacles with the support and guidance of Guru comes out as winner and of course a shining gem for the humanity. Maharshi is one such gem and now devoting himself for propagating the concept of “Sampoorna- Yoga” given by his great Guru.
  • Gurudeo’s vision of integrating North and South Bharat started in 1981 is now being practically implemented by Maharshi ji. He lead ‘ RAMRAJYA RATH YATRA ‘ from Ayodhya to Rameshwaram in 2018 touching along the route of Lord Rama’s exile beginning from Ayodhya. On way several meetings and processions were convened to awaken the masses about the concept of ‘Ramarajya’ the ideal governance & lifestyle of all. Also asserted the need of discarding the present system of governance which is thrusted upon us and is borrowed from outside rulers in past.
  • He also lead second ’ Ramrajya Rathyatra’ depicting and symbolizing return of Lord Rama after killing and winning the Ravana from Rameshweram to Ayodhya in April -2019. This is not an easy task to cover 9000 kilometers road journey with a noble mission of integrating people culturally , religiously and socially. Lots of hardships, paucities and limitations were there but they were all defeated with the Guru’s blessings and his guiding supports.
  • Presently Maharshi Ji is heading the ashram ‘SRI RAMADAS MISSION’ at Village- Surwari , Distt. Ayodhya, U. P. This ashram was founded by Gurudeo in 1998 when he himself came here, conducted Sri Mahavishnu Yjna for ten days and laid the foundation of the ashram.