Bheem Singh, Yoga Therapist



Born in 1952 in a remote village Surwari in the district Faizabad now known as Ayodhya. His father Jagadamba Singh was a renowned wrestler of the area and was ambitious of making his son a wrestler and accordingly the boy was named as Bheem after the name of great wrestler and mighty man of Mahabharata BHEEM. His father was his first Guru and Bheem like traits were initiated in him when he was exposed to wrestling in 1965. His father also used to give him some primary lessons of spiritualism through the stories of great epics Shrimadbhagwadgita and Ramcharitmanas.


Destiny has its own course and the boy was married at the age of fifteen and half year, in 1968. He continued his school education and was then selected for graduation in the engineering stream in an extremely reputed institution called University of Roorkee. At the university, every student was needed to opt for two proficiencies. He opted for Yoga and Volley ball. Here he came in touch with Swami Vigyananada Saraswati Ji of at Yog Niketan Trust, Rishikesh when he came to conduct yoga camps in the university. After observing his devotion Swami Ji agreed to stay in his hostel room, although swami ji was given accommodation in the guest house. This proximity with a noted Guru, laid the foundation of beginning the process of learning in the realm of Yoga. During holidays bheem used to visit Yog Niketan Rishikesh for learning advance steps of yoga from Swami Ji. He participated in ‘ All India Yoga Festival’ organized by Chandigarh Administration , in 1973, as team member of university team. Bheem became the champion of yoga in the university and was the captain of University Yoga Team for 1976.


After completing B. E. in civil engineering he joined Obra Thermal Power Project as Assistant Engineer. Here he met Swami Krishnananda Saraswati Ji a disciple of H H Jagadguru Swami Satyananda Saraswati Ji of Sri Ramadas Ashram, Trivandrum, Kerala in 1981. Knowing his deep interest in Yoga, Swami Krishnananda ji chose him for conducting regular yoga classes in the Officers’ club at Obra. This continued for 11 years on a regular basis. Here Mr. Alexander Zverev AC, head of the visiting team of Russian engineers started learning Yoga. After going back to his country Mr. Zverev also started teaching yoga on Moscow Television.


Seeing Mr. Bheem’s sincere work in the field of Yoga H H Jagadguru Swami Satyananda Saraswati Ji accepted him as a disciple and taught steps of spiritualism in a continuous process. Yoga Therapy as bye product of Yoga was taught to him with its finest intricacies. In 1997 Gurudeo took bheem with him to USA for Yoga sessions at various places. This exposure widened the horizons of spreading Yoga Therapy with zeal and greater dimensions.


He has conducted several workshops, seminars and sessions at various institutes and organisations of repute. He is also the author of several online courses on Yoga and related courses where many thousand learners follow him regularly. Now, the aim of his life is to impart this technology of human life called ‘YOGA’ to one and all so that people do not fall sick and if at all they fall sick they can cure themselves easily and quickly so that their pain and sufferings can be mitigated.


He is trustee of Shree Neelkantha Yoga Kendra, Lucknow which was created and established as per directions of Gurudeo.