Neeru Biswas, MS, Brown University, USA

I know that the pranayam and asanaas as well as the Surya Naman has helped me in staying well and also in being able to undergo neurosurgery at age 68+

Flt Lt. Mahesh Iyer

I had gone through your yoga therapy health care for pancreatitis. Now the CT scan shows that I am fully cured.

Poonam Singh, Housewife, Lucknow

I got a solution of headache and acidity through Yoga in about three months duration. Medicines are stopped and I feel light.

A disciple, Russia

We have known about you and your yoga treatment. Now we are going for tri-yoga.

Zoya and Zhanna, Artists, Russia

People in Russia need divine love, that is why we teach children and lead them through yoga.

Girish Sadasivan, Richmond, USA

After 15 days of Yoga practice as guided by you, I feel more energetic, invigorated, and fresh.

Alexander Zverev, Power Expert, USSR

Thanks to daily Yoga practice under your guidance that I made sure of potentialities latent in human body.

B. R. Giroti, HAL, Lucknow

Yoga has shown improvement physically and mentally in my overall healing and well being after my bypass surgery.