Yoga for Restricting Entry of Diseases In Human Body

The compulsive conditions of present crisis can be reversed simply by accepting it as a challenge, to be won over thus emerging as a winner at the end. During this Lock- Down we have ample of time to utilize for inculcating   and  implementing certain positive and progressive activities which were not in our priority until […]

Role of yoga in the therapy of diseases

We must know that the root cause of most of the diseases are in human mind and its effects are felt through the body. The cause is continuously active and effective but due to our inbuilt oblivious attitudes and tendencies we are unable to recognize this. When its damaging effects reach an alarmingly high levels […]

Super Technology of Motionlessness and Meditation

Nowadays people keep talking and telling about the Meditation as the potential source of stress buster and rejuvenating process. Let us discuss and know , how does it really happen. You are asked to first sit motionless for practicing Meditation. This motion of the body at various point and location is nothing but the manifestation of our own […]

Need of a GURU

The letter ‘GU‘ denotes darkness. the letter ‘RU denotes the remover of darkness. Brahman who is capable of swallowing up ignorance is certainly GURU. A thinking person in the course of his life, experiences a mental crisis, when the world and worldly life fails to satisfy him and he begins to think that there must […]

Yoga and You

An obvious question immediately comes to our minds regarding suitability of yogic practices to the modern man. The science or methodology which was evolved centuries ago should have been outdated and worn out for today’s civilized society. But the fact is not so because Yoga is a universal philosophy with an objective of reaching the […]

About Yoga

Nobody knows when exactly our world came into the existence and more so when human life was evolved on the earth. Before creation of the world and life on it God and Nature must have existed. This can better be understood by assuming total destruction of life on our planet and then what will remain […]

Yoga Therapy And Heart Diseases

Anguish of chest pain known as “Angina Pectoris” indicates cardiac strain in the activities of daily life. Though the causes and effects of heart strain are many and complex but involvement of nervous system through mental and emotional processes influencing cardiac functions, can not be denied. The metabolic, digestive and reproductive systems frequently place excessively […]

Prayers, Mantras & Music

Music has its charms-and a curative action as well. So have Prayers and Mantras also. Vocal vibrations are strongly potent in a subtle but sure way. The ancient Aryans found out that particular letters of the alphabet, pronounced in a particular way and manner, produce definite subtle potencies, difficult to measure or gauge with ordinary […]

Who am I ?

Introduction Who am I? is the title given to a set of questions and answers bearing on Self-enquiry. The questions were put to Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi by M. Sivaprakasam Pillai, about the year 1902. Sri Pillai a graduate in philosophy, was at the time employed in the Revenue Department of the South Arcot Collectorate. […]